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Black Man Shits, Pisses & Cums in Closeted Newsman's Mouth & Face

Duration: 5:01 Views: 69K Submitted: 1 month ago Submitted by:
Description: I'm Stewart, a successful photojournalist living a secret double life. I love trying to imagine seeing the shock on the faces of everyone who has known me all my life that I've had fooled into thinking I'm straight, and even respectable! Ha! This is me at home on my patio and a black man stopped by to take a shit at my home where all black men know they can come anytime of day or night when they need to shit or get a nut. I'v heard some of them say everyone calls my home "The Out House". My home has essentually become a public men's room and I love that. One of my biggest fantasies is to be used as a toilet like this 24 hours a day for the rest of my life with hundreds of black men burying me in shit, piss, cum, spit and snot and I'm never allowed a break or a shower or anything and I can only eat what come out of their bodies. That will be my Heaven is it exists!
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