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Description: Watch MISTRESS STACY once again being nasty for us in this 3 scene video where she is in many different outfits for something different. She is looking very sick like she come down with a cold maybe its from eating to much of her shit and pee and vomit but she still make a great show this girl is a tough one she starts by peeing into a cup you see how yellow it is and she drinks it of course then she pukes it all up into the cup and drinks some more with talking very dirty swearing a dirty mouth whore. Then she gets ready to drop a duce and a good one she drops it and then picks it up and starts to eat it of course then she keep puking up no stop you see her face its so pale and you see in the pics how she puking no stop and plays with her pussy and blows you a kiss looking like she been fucked all night what a super whore.
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