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Description: Watch MISTRESS STACY in her hot yellow mini skirt as she take it off and top too and sucks her big tits and gets close to the camera and spreads her asshole and cheeks wide open and blows some big fart for you to smell. Then she gets in the doggy position and you see the bottom of her dirt feet and soon to be messy dirty asshole and she starts to poop but she having a hard time so its a slow dig for the poop with her sexy fingers and pulls out the trud nuggets one after one and then fills her asshole with water and blows out the rest of the shit comes flying out and she does this a few times then she gets it all in one pile and puts it on her corn chips and eats it to puke and poop some more out of her sexy cornhole she pukes into a dish and drinks it and does this a few times . She then pukes all over her tits and plays it the puke with her pussy and you hear some nice sexy noises she makes and cums then licks her fingers clean close to the camera and blows you a kiss bye bye.
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