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Description: Watch MISTRESS STACY in this 2 scene different outfits she starts with her anal beads dildo in her sexy fat butt her asshole is open for bizz boys she loves it and then she takes them out and lick them clean with poop nuggets all over them. Now she has a very sexy blue outfit on and its in a different room and nice lighting too and she has a like goth look very dark makeup on and chain around her neck she plays with her pussy and gets it warm up for a nice big yellow pee and drinks it up. She then grabs her famous dildo and puts it right up her sexy asshole so deep you do not see it and takes it out and licks it clean and she shows the poop all over her sexy toughe close to the camera she does this a few time digging her poop out and eating it of course. She then puts the dildo down her mouth and pukes all her poop and food up all over her sexy tits and lick her tits clean looking at the camera gets close to it and blows her noise and eats all the snot and say bye bye.
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