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Description: I'm Stewart the cocksucking faggot who has become known as the shit eating faggot which I am proud to be, but my family & friends, uh, not so much. They've everyone completely erased me from their lives and I'm ok with that because now I can eat all the shit I want since the only people left who still don't know I suck dicks & eat shit are followers of me from my career as a newsman that I quit so I could start videotaping all the hot & nasty gay sex I've hidden all my life! Like this hot black man who let me suck his huge black cock to orgasm & he covers my face with big globs of thich cum, then he takes a huge shit in my mouth & I smear what I don't eat all over my otherwise useless dick sucking, shit eating face. I love being seen doing filthy shit even if I'm forever labeled as human garbage by everyone who's ever known me. I love it! Show me to them all!
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